24 April 2024 09:37 AM



Little Indians

Millions of little Indians, Hindus Muslims and others
for them no law, no land, no fathers mothers brothers.

They slave in little tea shops, they beg along the road,
they sleep upon their little feet, they have no bed, no board.

Government makes new budgets of which they are no part.
Governments feed on government grants, they eat their little heart.

The rich perform ablutions to please the gods above;
the gods return their favours and increase their treasure trove.

Little Indians find employment in hell holes we call factories;
their lungs fill up with poison gas, government collects the taxes.

Some little Indians go to public school in bus or car or jeep;
a million others look for food in wayside garbage heap.

Their schools are in Government file, their meals are part of Plan,
but when nation needs an atom bomb, they eat whatever they can.

Little Indians, they are taught to sing 'mera bharat mahan';
Little Indians wipe their hunted eyes - they wonder what is on.