23 July 2024 11:23 PM



AMRI Hospitals Upholds Breast Cancer Awareness

The hospital group is committed to ensuring top-notch facilities

Claiming several lives every year across the globe, breast cancer poses a major threat to human life. In the wake of increasing number of patients every year, AMRI Hospitals, Kolkata organized a Breast Cancer awareness campaign running across all their units from October 1 to 31.

The hospital group is committed to ensuring top-notch and comprehensive care facilities for women. It is credited with a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced gynaecologists, surgeons, therapists and nurses to deal with complex clinical situations with ease.

The Breast Cancer awareness campaign by AMRI Hospitals was aimed at spreading awareness about the disease, and educating people about the importance of early screening, diagnosis and treatment.

“As a platform, such campaigns are crucial to bring people together in battling this perilous disease and to encourage healthy living practices. We hope that our awareness campaign plays a major role in changing people’s way of life and approach towards understanding the disease,” said Mr Rupak Barua, Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals.

An unusual growth of normal cells in the tissue leads to Breast Cancer. As the cells grow, they result in the formation of a tumour in the breast, which can be detected using a mammogram before it is felt as a lump or thickening.

According to gynaecologists at AMRI Hospitals “Awareness of the symptoms and timely treatment reduces the risk of breast cancer significantly. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better are the chances of successful treatment.”

Various health experts from AMRI Hospitals interacted with women from different age groups, replying to their queries and educating them about this perilous disease.

“There are certain important factors, which people need to be aware about. Contrary to common belief, not every lump in the breast is breast cancer. Also, the disease doesn’t necessarily start with a lump. But all lumps and thickening in the breast need immediate medical attention to determine the cause,” said a team member of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign.

“The severity of health risks associated with breast cancer makes it important to nip the disease in the bud. So, it has been our endeavour throughout the month of October to spread awareness for Breast Cancer to combat this perilous health issue,” Mr Barua said.