25 June 2024 04:18 PM



Breaking Through The International Market: Zoutons Launches Black Friday Sale

About Black Friday Sale

One of the uprising Couponing website Zoutons is offering exclusive deals to all the e-commerce customers. Now they are all set to go on with the launch of “Black Friday Sale” which will be offering great discounts on All sort of products From electronics, Clothing to Home & Kitchen Appliances.

Zoutons as an online platform has provided its customers with best deals on the product and services without the unnecessary ads and the lengthy steps. Launching the black Friday sale is an attempt at the same but just making it better and bigger. Zoutons is aiming out to reach a lot of people at a same time, which could be good for the growth of their website. The team defines it as a crucial step which will affect the popularity and progress of U.S stores in India. Following the trends with- Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, Snapdeal’s Unbox Sale, Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, Black Friday Sale is a response to customer’s demands ensuring they get higher chances at saving while they shop.

The founder of Zoutons, Mr. Sahil Chalana, states that the idea behind the launch of the sale is to tap the growth of U.S stores on India. If things go as per plan then the website is all set to tap the profit which is left unexploited.

About Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is an informal name which is given to the Friday which falls after Thanks Giving in The United States. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the fourth Thursday of November and due to the festive season, many stores give heavy discounts to its customers. Most of the shopping is done around this time for the upcoming Christmas celebration as well. With the increasing use of e-commerce, the online shopping gained popularity and the Black Friday Sale was offered on the online stores of all popular brands. Key Highlights of this sale will be the 80% discount & availability of the products across the globe which mean you can access your favorite brands & products without any complication and at really economical prices. Things to keep in mind, this sale is supposed to be available from Thursday till Sunday.

Customers all over the country can buy the product which they have been eyeing on for long and that too at an incredibly low rates. This goes for all personal items, electronics, furnishings etc.

What is the motive behind the sale?

With the Christmas holiday season just around the corner, Black Friday Sale is considered a unique opportunity to revamp the whole house, wardrobe and what not. Zoutons offer coupons and deals on about 160 e-commerce websites which include the market leaders like Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s etc. When one is looking for something particular there are more than 50 categories to choose from. All these products and services are offered at an attractive discount which makes Black Friday Sale a special event of the year. Starting right from the kitchen requirements to personal care products anything that you would require is listed on the site. There is no dearth of products already in the list which keeps on increasing as it website is focused on providing the customers what they require.

How Zoutons helps in the Black Friday sale?

“We are quite optimistic with Black Friday sale as total online spending in the last year was approx $5.1 billion and we are expecting at least 14% growth this time ” says Sidhharth Arya (BITS Pilani graduate), Marketing Head at Zoutons.

This sale majorly focuses on the expanding Indian & U.s Market. Going through all the exclusive deals and offers from more than 100 brands can be a bit handful for the consumers but this is the point where zoutons steps in, They will be making sure to help their users throughout the sale with all the major information regarding top Brands and Online stores.

The main job by the platform is to act as a bridge between the website and the end customers so that information on categories, discounts etc are made available.

“We, as a team, are trying to provide the consumer with transparency about all the e-commerce stores, their provided categories and the available discounts which are going to be launched in the US’s Black Friday Sale. Our main attention would be towards Amazon, Walmart, Target & Bestbuy as these 4 stores capture more than 70% of online spending during the black friday sale ” says Sahil Gupta (DTU graduate), Product Head at Zoutons.

According to the core idea of assistance we are looking forward to reduce the level of confusion & bombard the customers with all the necessary information using all the Blogs which are designed as a guide to all the new and old buyers. Using which customers can come up with the list of requirement & could work on a proper budget. Thus, when the customers check for let’s say discounts then they can easily land on information about the overall discount on the category which includes all stores. For example:- Black Friday deals or offers on home products 2018, which will include all your favorite brands that deal in the category.

Evolving internet market can be seen as a great opportunity to push the sale’s graph of the considered platform and learning from the earlier experiences we can agree to the fact that U.S market can be really a game changer for the Indian marketing platforms.