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Aspiring For a Career in Artificial Intelligence? Top 7 Ways You Can Start

What you can do for a career in AI

Artificial Intelligence, in short AI is one of the most promising career fields in today’s world, which is basically growing into a technology hub. When it comes to the future of work, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are poised to impact nearly every facet of the workforce in some way. It is estimated that over 6% of jobs will be replaced by AI by 2021.

And, all those aspiring for a career in Artificial intelligence must gear up with their preparation for entrances like JEE Main 2019 and others such. Mastering the field of AI is not a cakewalk. So, to assist you we have mentioned below a few ways stating what you can do for a career in AI. Have a look

Plan properly

Make a strategic plan to learn continuously, instead of learning algorithms and coding quickly for the next few months. Don’t proceed towards your goal hurriedly. Instead break them down into small segments and complete them with proper and deep understanding. Just mugging up will never ever give you a place in the AI industry. So, make your concepts clear about whatever new information/concepts you are gathering.

Start learning programming languages

The first and the foremost step towards a career in AI is to start by learning a new programming language, preferably Python or any other language. Read books, practice regularly. You can’t become a pro overnight. You need to constantly revise your concepts, aiming to strengthen your grip even more.

Take up online courses

Endless online courses are available on the Internet today. From MIT and Stanford to Udacity and Coursera and EDX, courses are easily available and you must enrol yourself in one of these online courses and get certified training on machine learning and AI, and at last get a reliable and verifiable certificate. In India, very few on the universities offer a good course on AI and it won’t do if you rely on them. You yourself need to prepare yourself, and you can do that by taking help of these online courses.

Choose the right degree

Well, if you are still pursuing your higher secondary level of education and aim to be an AI expert, you are at an advantage. This is clearly because you get to choose the right graduate degree for you. Many times students gain interest in AI after they have joined college/ graduated and find it difficult to start from scratch all by themselves. You can save yourself from such situations by choosing your degree wisely. A degree in Computer science with/without specialisation or a degree in IT will be a good start. These teach a lot about hardware and software, and will create a good base for you.

Start Networking

AI is not just limited to coding. It includes networking too. Becoming a pro coder may level up your skills, but it does not necessarily mean you are an AI expert. If you are eyeing a career in AI, make sure you include these AI Conferences in your time table-

1. O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference
2. ML Conf Atlanta
3. ODSC Europe

Attending AI related events and networking will not only help you make invaluable connections, but you will be able to learn all of the state-of-the-art innovations and the latest advancements in technology. Because AI is evolving so rapidly, staying on top of these is paramount.

Update your personal brand

Content curation is a good way to encourage interest in your brand on social media. If you are transitioning careers to AI, it’s important to show that interest on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or any such medium where people can know about your skills and give you a chance. Update your professional description, write and share articles, get in touch with the influential people and bring into light those skills which will help you shape up your career in AI.

Do internships

First, gain some knowledge on programming languages such as C++, Python, Java etc. because this is a pre- requisite for an internship. Look out for AI companies within your city or anywhere in India and apply for an internship. With this program, you will be equipped with the basic knowledge and understanding to navigate the world of AI, machine learning & shaping future aspirations. It will give you the must needed exposure to identify which areas you would like to work towards and how things work in the AI industry.

So, don’t waste time any further. Go ahead with your interest. Plan, learn, work and pursue your passion. Artificial intelligence is slowly taking the world by itself and it would love to have another addition to its developers!